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 is available in two sizes and two colors.

The 1.5 lb size fully restores the colors to two complete sets of camos (shirts and pants).

The 3 lb size restores 4 full sets of camos and/or is recommended to keep on hand as an additive each time camos are washed to ensure continued elimination of UV reflection.

Continual use of  maintains restored colors. Camouflage designs will have either brown or green as the main color.  You may order it in brown or green (please specify when ordering).


1.5 lb Box: $9.99*(+S&H) 3lb  Box: $14.99* (+ S&H)
*Shipping and Handling is $5.00 for 1 box, $2 for each additional box in the same shipment.  
Each box comes with a money back guarantee. 
Recommended for use on 100% cotton.          


Online Orders Not Available
By Phone:  706.638.5751
By Fax: 706.638.4090
Payment Information: Credit cards accepted.  When paying by check or money order, the buyer must send amount (including  shipping and handling for each box) to:  CamoRestore, P.O. Box 1621, LaFayette, GA 30728.

Dealers and Distributors Info: Volume orders may be placed by contacting Dixie Dye Manufacturing directly at 706.638.5751.