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In the U.S. military  men and women train to protect the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  These patriotic souls give up a lot and are paid only meager salaries for this invaluable duty.  CamoRestore has developed a special dye to both help protect our troops in combat areas and save their paychecks at home.

The standard issue uniform for our troops is camouflage. The soldier is issued uniforms, then, in most cases, given a periodic uniform allowance for upkeep and buying new camos and fatigues.  Through the rugged wear and tear of daily use, fatigues (as they are also called) get faded and dull looking.  Most of the fading and UV shine and reflection comes from detergent use.

 Soldiers are required to always have uniforms in good condition and if they are too faded they must buy more.  With CamoRestore they can simply wash their uniforms with our special dye and they become like new.

Compare the cost of using CamoRestore to the cost of buying new regulation camos below:



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Air Force

   New Set


  New Set

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