Don't Throw Away Old Camouflage!
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Got that favorite set of camos that you really love?  They're comfortable, they brought you luck, they remind you of a great day of hunting - problem is they've been washed so often they've faded... Hang onto them!  Now you can restore the original colors with CamoRestore.  Doesn't matter if the base color is green or brown.  CamoRestore comes in both base colors.

It gets better - CamoRestore also eliminates UV reflection.  So, if you're a bowhunter, duck hunter or turkey hunter you know how important elimination of UV can be.

CamoRestore is a wash that re-dyes the faded fibers on your clothing making your camouflage look new again.  Normal washing causes fibers in your camos to fade due to optical brighteners found in detergents.  In sunlight, these faded fibers reflect a white glow that is easily seen by wildlife.  Your camouflage now defeats its purpose - you can be seen!

CamoRestore works on cotton fibers exclusively. When used on 50/50 cotton blends, only the cotton fibers will accept the dye.

Avid Hunters Invented CamoRestore. On a hunting trip in the early 1990's Will Dendy and his father, Jimmy Dendy, located a group of turkeys in the back of a field.  Through their binoculars they could see two mature long beards strutting for their beloved hens.

The plan was to circle behind the turkey by going through the woods that surrounded the field.  About two minutes into the stalk the turkeys spooked and flew off.

Will and his dad stopped in frustration as the turkeys topped the trees and were out of sight.  They stood there wondering how the turkeys could have seen them in full camouflage, twenty feet up in the woods, and about 200 yards across the field from the turkeys.  As they stood there looking at each other, Jimmy noticed Will was standing in a location where the sun was shining in through the trees.

Jimmy stared for a moment realizing that he may have the answer to the question running through their minds.  How did the turkeys spot them that far away?

Will's old camouflage had a bright-white glow especially around the outer edge of his silhouette.  Jimmy had heard about UV reflection before, but had given it little thought.

"I must admit that I didn't have a lot of faith in this product before using it.  Now I'm a true believer."

Over the next few years Will and his dad worked on making a product that would redye the faded fibers in their camouflage. Finally, the formula was perfected, tested, and came to market. 

CamoRestore was field tested by American Outdoorsman  and the following testers gave their results;

Ed Robins of Charles City, Virginia - "I must admit that I didn't have a lot of faith in this product before using it.  Now I'm a true believer.  The camo restorer really works - it restores each color in your camo pattern almost back to its original tint."

Steve Reese of Iowa - "This product does what it says: It brings old, faded camo back to life."

Robert Scott of West Virginia - Thought the UV eliminator element worked better than other products he previously tried, saying,  "I have used UV killers in spray bottles, and sometimes the pumps won't spray or the sprays miss spots on your clothes."

Following additional testing,  CamoRestore was awarded the North American Hunter Seal of Approval.

Another satisfied hunter, Tim Evans of Pikeville, Tennessee wrote, "My father and I treated our hunting clothing with your product and we have found that our camo is now more effective than when it was bought new.  It is our opinion that CamoRestore is one of the best hunting products to come along in years."

Georgia hunter, Mike Cline of Milledgeville, wrote, "Thanks for getting your product to me so quickly.  I have used it, and it is GREAT !"